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Hello, My name is Brandy.  thank you for being here. 

I have lived the best life.   

Many of them. 

On Earth, In Sirius A & B Star Systems, Fomalhaut,  Rigel, Nihal, Capella,  Alphard, Regulus,  Alpha Centauri, Maia, Alcyone, & Alathfar.   And I remember many of them, vividly. 

Blessings, love, creation, tragedy, beauty, compost....BEING is miraculous.   

Everything has led me to this now.   

I'm here to wake up, and assist some very special souls through the ascension process.   

Aid in the unlearning. 

I am under absolute knowing that we have been lied to, on a global scale.   

This information has been kept from you, ... intentionally.  

With each individual that becomes aware of their true history, our sovereignty expands.  Conscience spiritual sparks from the cosmos will , make their way into your reality one way or another.   I see Galactic Astrology as a tool to do this.  It is fascinating how the map of the stars at the time of your birth can have profound indication to where you may have come from prior to being here.... on earth.     

Allow me an opportunity to help you remember.

I have been a psychic intuitive my whole life.  This manifests in sudden visions, feeling what others are feeling, and tactical intuitions (i taste, smell, and feel on my skin).  I've labeled this "tactical intuition"  because it feels like that to me.  I am slightly militant in my observations, when I am sensing in this way.  There is a clear difference in feeling into things emotionally(EMPATH), and sensing the way the dirt tastes.  There is order to it, objectivity, its like conducting a psychic reconnaissance mission,  I prefer to connect in this way.   And to add a layer, it is my previous lives, and how I experienced them, that has shaped my intuitions in my life now, on Earth.    Not knowing  how to shield myself,  and assimilate these gifts,  isolation, shame and anxiety took overOnly recently, have I had the confidence to accept this way of perceiving the world.  Prior to, I believed the general consensus of my being overly sensitive, imaginative, or dramatic..  Fortunately, I have been given tools and guidance by incredible teachers,  and multidimensional healers.  I understand what is happening, and how to work with it.    


The following certifications grant

I am trained in Pranic Healing, as taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, and Master Stephen Co.  The miraculous gift of this knowledge has only recently become profound in my life, in very personal ways.   (Please, if I may take a moment to invite you to & beautiful tools, for a profound life) 

I am certified in Quantum Soul Guidance, and Galactic Astrology taught by Julia Balaz.  Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner program.  The information here and the way it is presented, is outstanding.(being a nerdy, learny, NOW, type, I'd fallen in love, I was absorbing every bit)  She has developed a profound technique to decode the mysteries of your galactic journey.  Absolutely priceless research and information, thank you Julia!!!  




Take what resonates,

Leave what does not



QUANTUM SOUL QUIDANCE~  Certified Practitioner through (JULIA BALAZ Quantum Soul Guidance Program)

PRANIC HEALNG~ Level l & ll  Certified in 2016, through teachings Master Choa Kok Sui

FAMILY~ EPIC beautiful nuclear family, that I am so thankful for!  They are all gorgeous humans.  Pure hearts.

CHILDREN~ Warriors, all three, POWERFUL, I kneel to each of them.  So honored to be a part of their experience!

LOVE~ I literally fell in love with soil

ART~ I am in constant motion, to create a pure expression of myself.


INSTITUTIONALIZED ED~ BA-Native American Studies (in process)

                                                      Minor in Photography (in process)

                                                      California Real Estate



As I progress in my work, please remember I am a work in progress.





We are such powerful magical beings.

Let no one dictate your reality.


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