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Galactic Astrology Reading
  • Galactic Astrology Reading

    New to Galactic Astrology?



    I will explain everything to you in this 30+ minute recorded video exploration of your personal 

    Galactic Astro Chart.


    Lets take a snapshot of the stars in the sky at the time of your birth, and study it.  By analyzing these planets, constellations, black holes, and stargates, we get the following information:

    • A Birth NATAL Chart = contains alignment of Planet/Zodiac/Houses.

    • A Galactic ASTRO Chart = contains alignments of NatalChart/Star Systems/Galactic                      Powerpoints/Angelic Stars.


    Together the alignments and patterns give a timeline, your journey through the stars, and how it parallels galactic history.  This is a very analytical and straight forward recorded review, of your charts:)


    Delivered via email in a video often 30 minutes or longer.  I will include

    1. Video Recording
    2. Your Galactic Origins
    3. Soul connections to other star systems.
    4. Galactic history of the star systems in your chart w/references.
    5. Astronomical info on star in your chart w/references.


    What star races are guiding you?

    Are you a part of Galactic History?

    What star systems did you come from?

    Have you been to through a stargate?

    What is a Starseed?


    My passion is exploring these answers for you.

    My intention is to help you activate, connect, and remember your own history in the stars.


    May the force be with you!

    All my love,


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