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  • Visual NATAL CHART

    A Visual NATAL CHART is a symbolic representation of your traditional Birth Chart, designed to be viewable ‘at a glance’!



    • POSTER PDF 24"x36" with Stars in background

    • POSTER PDF 24"x36" with plain white background

    • Decode Key (explaining the astrological meaning of each planet, sign, and house)

    • Astronomical Data for each Planet

    • Planet, Sign, House graphics

    The Natal chart is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth.  It looks like a circular chart, divided into Zodiac Houses, encoded with symbols, and numbers.  In an attempt to make this information available 'at a glance' .    All information found in your birth chart is replaced by pictures of planets, constellations, and zodiac houses.     Each picture has keywords with its primary meaning and archetype.


    Astrologers analyze the alignments of the Planets, Signs, and House for patterns and connections.  Each Planet influences our human character.  Each Zodiac sign adds layers of personality.  Each House gives the area of life to focus.   


    If you are interested in having a deeper understanding of human psychology, as toldy by the stars. A Visual Natal Chart is the perfect place to begin. It can reveal surprising insights to the layers our human experience.

    I look forward to creating your poster!

    May the force be with you!
    All my love,

    • Delivery:

      You can choose between a physical and/or a digital copy of your Galactic Soul Mission.  FREE SHIPPING for limited time:)

    Soul Mission REPORT
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