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Galactic Astrology SOUL MAP
  • Galactic Astrology SOUL MAP

    When you place an order for the Galactic Soul Map you recieve 4 items:



    1) VIDEO
    Video slide presentation explaining the the contents of your Galactic Soul Map, and the journey that you have made.


    2) Galactic SOUL MAP

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable Poster PDF

    After analyzing your Galactic Astro Chart and your Birth Natal Chart.  We are able to see patterns and alignments.  All of this information creates mathematical variables.  When we put those variables together we get equations or…stories.  As we study all of the variables, we too have many stories within our Soul’s multidimensional existence.   This poster is a visual creation of 6 different equations of your Soul:

    1.   Galactic Origin
    2.   Galactic Soul Mission
    3.   Overall Karma/Darma showing in your chart.
    4.   Soul Challenges
    5.   Galactic stories and experiences.

    In the center your are able to zoom into your Galactic Natal Chart, and then further in the center as you zoom in is your Birth Natal Chart.



    3)  Visual Birth NATAL Chart

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable Poster PDF

    4)  GALACTIC NATAL Chart

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable Poster PDF



    To Begin:

    ~1 Submit Payment

    ~2 Please email me:

          Birth DATE

          BIrth TIME

          Birth PLACE

    ~ It will take me 7-14 Days to complete the design of your poster with all of the information from your Galactic Astro Chart.


    I look forward to completing your poster and bring activation, memory, and love!


    May the force be with you,


      Soul Mission REPORT
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