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Galactic NATAL

Galactic NATAL

What is a Galactic Natal Chart?

Visual rich poster size chart giving the alighments of Planets, Sign, House, and... Fixed Stars, Stargates, Cosmic Powerpoints, Angelic Stars.  In traditional natal chart style I’ve added visuals and graphics in a surrounding circular layer, to indicate the fixed stars that you have within each house.  There you will see individual color coded rings to indicate the type of alignment it has with the planet and house (Conjunt, Opposite, Trine, Sextile, Square).


This is the core information that a Galactic Astrologer will look to when decoding your souls journey through the stars.  


  • VISUAL - 22”x36” PDF Poster  with stars background

  • VISUAL - 22”x36” PDF Poster  with white background

  • Key Code

  • Astronomical Data for each Planet and Fixed Star

  • Planet, Sign, House graphic visual w/keywords

  • Cosmic Powerpoint visual w/keywords

  • Royal stars visual w/keywords

  • Stargate visual w/keywords

  • Fixed stars w/keywords (Star nations, and Galactic cultures associated with the fixed star/constellation)



To Begin:

1)  Submit Payment

2)  Please email me your:

     Birth DATE

     Birth TIME

     Birth PLACE


Allow me 7-10 Days to complete your custom Galactic Natal Chart.

I will email you throughout the process with updates, and questions.

When complete, I will email you completed project.


I look forward to creating your Poster.

May the force be with you!

All my love,




    I will ship your Galactic Soul Reading written report out to you via snail mail, and email.  Your preference!  Shipping is currently FREE!!



Soul Mission REPORT
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