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LIVE~Galactic Astrology reading

LIVE~Galactic Astrology reading

This is an in depth explanation and exploration of your Galactic Astro Chart.

By studying the sky the moment of your birth we have the following:

1) NATAL CHART = alignment of Planet/Zodiac/Houses.

2) GALACTIC ASTRO CHART =alignments in NatalChart/Star Systems/Galactic

Powerpoints/Angelic Stars/Stargates

All of this data creates variables, in the equation of YOU.

May experiences present themselves:

~Soul Origins

~ET races you are directly connected to.

~Galactic Challenges you have had

~Your place in galactic history

~Your place in Earth History as a star Being

~Do you have ties to Angelic Beings

This is a very analytical and straight forward review.

I will include many references, sites, and astronomical information about the stars that show up in your personal Galactic Astro Chart, as well.


My intention is to help you activate, connect, and remember your own history in the stars.

So that you can life the most sovereign life in your now.

You are on an epic Journey!

May the force be with you.

All my love,


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