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Quantum Soul Guidance
  • Quantum Soul Guidance

    Quantum Soul Guidance Readings:

    **LIVE ZOOM Call where we will go over the following:


    I will make clear, sacred space to attune and connect with my divine source and guides.  With protocol to invoke protection and truth.  From this space, I ask to connect with you and your soul, I say hello, ask permission to inquire;)... And then we begin work.  You bring to me the records and wisdom that are necessary for your human to expand, and elevate in frequency.  Activating information if you will.

    ~Soul Origin (Angelic, Earth, or, ET, etc….)

    ~Soul Connections (Star systems, support)=HOW TO CONNECT?

    ~ET Organizations  (Andromedan council, Council of Five, GFW, etc…)


    I interpret the Akashic Records as a call and response method.  I ask information is received, from my higher self to yours.  Quantum travel and view is far more immersive.   Once I have a data point or place to focus, I go.   I have a very systematic process of shifting into quantum fields and view your lives/friends/families, on and off planet.  It will manifest differently for my clients.  Sometimes BEings from other planets present themselves, to say hello… to you.   Other times, a full lifetime is given with all the emotion and memory.  An experience that is ready to heal, or release.   Or an experience of absolute balance and expansion.

    ~Gathering information of energy blocks, karma, life challenges, galactic challenges.

    ~Density of your souls body in other Star System.

    ~Were you service to self or service to others?

    ~Timeline’  or pattern that your soul has created.


    3) SOUL MAP

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable Poster PDF


    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF Poster

    5) Galactic Natal Chart

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF

    6) Personality Expressions Chart

    24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF

    7) Slide Presentation

    I will create a slide presentation with 20+ slides. Very artfully created based on your Galactic Astro Chart, Galactic Soul Map, Akashic Records, and Quantum Communication. I get excited creating these presentations. Much work and love goes into presenting what I have researched, and artfully created for you, to include astronomical information, galactic history, star systems/races/cultures, and further insight to the galactic power points and stargates found in your charts.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    May the force be with you!

    All my love,


      Soul Mission REPORT
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