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Quantum Soul Guidance Reading

Quantum Soul Guidance Reading


Thank you for being here.


Your Quantum Soul Guidance Readings will include a video recording to include:

  1. Your Akashic records 

  2. Quantum travel and viewing 

  3. Soul Experience Map (poster)

  4. BIRTH Natal Chart (poster)

  5. GALACTIC Natal Chart (poster)

  6. PRIMARY Personality Chart (poster)

  7. Slide Presentation (20+)



I will make clear, sacred space to attune and connect with my divine source and guides.  With protocol to invoke protection and truth.  From this space, I ask to connect with you and your soul, I say hello, ask permission to inquire;)... And then we begin work.  You bring to me the records and wisdom that are necessary for your human to expand, and elevate in frequency.  Activating information if you will.

  • ~Soul Origin (Angelic, Earth, or, ET, etc….)

  • ~Soul Connections (Star systems, support)=HOW TO CONNECT?

  • ~ET Organizations  (Andromedan council, Council of Five, GFW, etc…)


I interpret the Akashic Records as a call and response method.  I ask information is received, from my higher self to yours.  Quantum travel and view is far more immersive.   Once I have a data point or place to focus, I go.   I have a very systematic process of shifting into quantum fields and view your lives/friends/families, on and off planet.  It will manifest differently for my clients.  Sometimes BEings from other planets present themselves, to say hello… to you.   Other times, a full lifetime is given with all the emotion and memory.  An experience that is ready to heal, or release.   Or an experience of absolute balance and expansion.

  • ~Gathering information of energy blocks, karma, life challenges, galactic challenges.
  • ~Density of your souls body in other Star System.
  • ~Were you service to self or service to others?
  • ~Timeline’  or pattern that your soul has created.



24”x36” Zoomable/Printable Poster PDF

After analyzing your Galactic Astro Chart and your Birth Natal Chart.  We are able to see patterns and alignments.  All of this information creates mathematical variables.  When we put those variables together we get equations or…stories.  As we study all of the variables, we too have many stories within our Soul’s multidimensional existence.   This poster is a visual creation of 6 different stories of your Soul, if you will.  I hope it will resonate with you:)



24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF Poster

A traditional Natal Chart, encoded with zodiac and planetary graphics.  Each has keywords and quick reference visuals.   See your Birth Natal Chart ‘at a glance’.



24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF Poster

In traditional natal chart style I’ve added visuals and graphics in a surrounding layer, to indicate the fixed stars that you have within each house.  There you will see individual color coded rings to indicate the type of alignment it has with the planet and house (Conjunt, Opposite, Trine, Sextile, Square).



24”x36” Zoomable/Printable PDF Poster

Highlighting the Sun,Moon, and Ascending zodiac sign in your birth natal chart we shine light on the key parts of your personality.   These are fundamental expressions of being human:).  

SUN/I Am, MOON/I Feel, ASCENDING SIGN/I. I will outline what it all means in a poster size graphic, that you can have for quick reference.



I will create a slide presentation with 20+ slides.  Very artfully created based on your Galactic Astro Chart, Galactic Soul Map, Akashic Records, and Quantum Communication.  I get excited creating these presentations.  Much work and love goes into presenting what I have researched,  and artfully created for you, to include astronomical information, galactic history, star systems/races/cultures, and further insight to the galactic power points found in your chart. 



To begin:
1)Submit payment


Birth DATE

Birth TIME


3)  Schedule ZOOM appointment.   Currently it will take up to 21 days to complete your reading, gather research and create your presentation.


My intention is to empower, activate, and connect you!  This is your epic journey;)

I look forward to hearing from you.


May the force be with you!

All my love



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